Revolutionary War

Have you ever heard of the american Revolutionary War? it was between the British and the colonist. The British out ranted them by a lot but the colonist still fought. It started by the British taxing them they first did the stamp act. When the colonist found out that the British was going to tax them they got really MAD. But the British never stopped he sent 4,000 troops into Boston and the colonist got REALLY MAD so a group of  mad colonist gathered  around a British stand in front of a customs house. The colonist started to throw rocks at the soldiers the British was order not to shout but want someone said fire they fired the shot five colonist that was called the Boston Massacre. After King George the 3rd taxed their tea they loved tea when that happen the colonist got furious when that happen  the Sons of Liberty was founded and the Boston tea party happen and the British got really mad. And that started the Revolutionary War.



My Favorite Video Games

                                                        My favorite video games 1

I like video games because they are fun. My favourite game is Plants VS Zombies. My favorite Plant is the ice Peashooter. My second favorite plant is the Sunflower. My third favorite plant is the Cactus. my fourth favorite is the Chomper. I have all the plants the Peashooter, Ice peashooter, Fire Peashooter, Beach peaShooter, Peashooter, Sunflower, Fire sunflower, Ice sunflower, Achent sunflower, Chomper, Cheever chomper, Catis, Cheecatis,

                                                            My favorite video games 2

Plants VS Zombies garden warfare 2 is cool it has 3 new plants Secritagentoreng, Cornnadeo, Macketflower. Tell me what plant you are and choose a plant and if you get my plant right and you know what I mean. And you do not need to play this game to Comment.                  



                                                             My favorite video games 3



Coming Soon.




Ice Crushers Win the Curling Tournament





Today the entire 3rd grade participated in the annual Curling Tournament. Each class had a team in the tournament. First, Mrs. Geist’s class and Mrs. Miranda’s class played against each other. The game was exciting and fun to watch. It was a close game, but Mrs. Miranda’s class won. Then, the Ice Crushers from Mrs. Freeman’s class played against Mrs. Miranda’s team. Codi, Kenny, Shane, Molly, and Aiden were on the Ice Crusher team. Jordan, Seth, and Madison were on Mrs. Miranda’s team. Mrs. Miranda’s class scored first, then the Ice Crushers followed right behind gaining their own point. During the final round, Codi scored the last point securing the trophy for Team Freeman! Next week, the Ice Crushers will play against Mullen-Hall, East Falmouth, and North Falmouth at the annual Elementary Curling Tournament. After 5 years of losing, Teaticket wants to win the plaque back. Wish them luck!

Go Ice Crushers!

How to Make Gabe’s Mint Mobile




First you need to 2 straws, 2 index cards, 4 lifesavers a roll of tape, and a blue, purple, pink, yellow and orange markers. The first step is to color the 2 index card anyway you want. Then you put the 2 lifesavers on each straw at the end and to make sure the lifesavers will stay in place put some tape and cover the edge of the straw with tape. The next step is to tape the straws to the one of the index and tape the other index card to the edges so you can glide down the ramp and that”s how to make my mint mobile.

by Gabe

Valentine’s Day

Tuesday February 14th it  was Valentine’s day and my class did stem activities.  We did fun activities like build a tower and boat. My favorite one was when we did the candy hearts to see how many pink hearts were in the bag. We collected data about the pink hearts.I had 4 pink hearts.  The pink hearts numbers were 1 throw 6. Only one person had 6 pink hearts. Then we were done with that. We got to eat it they were good. Valentine’s day was so much fun.


By Kennedy

Wayne Soares Visits Teaticket

Wayne Soares, an author, actor, and comedian, came to Teaticket Elementary School to teach the students about “No Guff” and to “Be Kind. Always.”  He told funny stories about ways to be kind. He told a story about when he was 11 and went to meet his baseball idol. He felt sad when his idol was unkind to him. We learned that we need to “Be kind. Always.” We need to speak up to bullies, look them in the eye, and tell them “That’s not funny. Bullying is not fun.” Wayne Soares stories were entertaining, and we learned a lot about being kind. 

Ninja Stolen Scrolls

This game was the best game I’ve ever played. The castle level was pretty difficult  to pass it because stuff were falling down everywhere. The bridge one was a little hard.

The cave one was easy. Level 3 was easy and hard because someone I can’t remember his name but he was like punching like boom, boom, boom ,boom, boom, boom. And I beat him. Man he was strong! A few levels later I was on level 5 or 6 or 7. It was castle level and I was versing the same guy but he was bigger for some reason.

I was mad at the game because it was hard. It was still the best game.
By Al

I Am

I am outgoing and a peacebuilder.

I love my cat skinner.

I wonder what 4th grade is like.

I want to be a genius.

I pretend my stuff animals are alive.

I worry my friend will not like me.

I cry when I get hurt.

I understand science.

I dream to be on cupcake wars.

I try to cook by myself.

I hope I am on cupcake wars.

I am Molly.  

by Molly

My Pets

I have a Golden Retriever dog named Shayna. She is sooo well  behaved. All dogs are not just a man’s best friend, because I am a girl, and Shayna is MY best friend. Shayna loves playing fetch outside, also every time I have food she is all over me. I also have a brown and white Guinnea Pig named Linny. His squeaking is soooo loud! I also HAD a Fluffy White Bichon named Louie, but I had to give him away because I was moving to a place with no pets allowed. I was only 2 so I was crying so much. I miss him so bad. I also had a blue betta  fish named Mellisa Jessica. The reason why it had 2 names is because my little sister wanted to name it Mellisa and I wanted to name Jessica! I also had 2 cats when I was 2,I forget what they looked like.One was named Kitty he was old and did not like to play. The other one was Winston. He was so young and playful!!! He loved to play!!! That is all my pets for now.                                

        P.S. I Will Be Getting Dogs When I Am Older!!!!!


by Jadyn K.

Best Day of Vacation

“WOW!” I said when I was at the mall. My mom and I were about to leave the mall.  I was walking towards the exit when I saw this store with Pokemon cards. I said “WAIT” then my mom said “what.” Then I said “could we go look at that store?” Then she said “yes.” I looked at the Pokemon while my mom was on the phone I saw lots of Xboxes which were lots of money. When she finished I asked if I could get a pack I waited for my mom to get off of the phone a bit later when she finished I was looking at some other stuff and she said what did you say? I said can I get a pack. Yea sure. “Yeah” I said. I went home and my sister came and gave me 3 packs when I opened them up and my best card was a mega gardevoir my second was a drapion and that is my favorite  day of vacation.


By Gabe