Rainnie’s Reading Rappers

IMG_1109Matthew, Jamie, Keegan and Aidan all have a reading group with Mr. Rainnie. Mr. Rannie is a retired English teacher and football coach. The name of the group is Rainnie’s Reading Rappers. We are reading a book called Class Clown by Johanna Hurwitz. So far in the the book there is a kid named Lucas Cott and Lucas carved his initials in his desk with a pen. Later in the book he has pencil races with his friends and Lucas pretends to smoke a cigarette in class. What we  like about the reading group is that we have a football and whenever you have it then you get to talk. We IMG_1125 (2)get to toss the football around to each other if another person wants to say something. We have dollars that are called Buccaneer bucks because Mr. Rainne teaches a football team called the Buccaneers. You can earn bucks by have good behavior. When we get 70 bucks in all we get to go outside and play football.

by Jamie & Matthew

Khan Academy Helpful Math Website

Khan academy is a helpful math website for grades kindergarten up to 12th grade. It is a great learning program for ages 6 and up to 16. Matthew said’’ that you can go on khan academy anytime you want if you have wifi’’. Jamie says”it is helpful to kids like third graders and fourth graders and below. Khan academy is a helpful learning program for kids.

by Jamie & Matthew

The Beginning

by Jamie

BOOM! CRACK! I  heard something that sounded like gun shots. I thought it came from the other side of the trees. So I went to go check, and you’d never believe what I saw. It was a big wooden ship! I didn’t believe my eyes. Then before I could run back to tell my village, I saw what looked like people coming off the ship! I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know if I should get Sammoset, so I observed.