Awesome Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy is a math game that is digital. Prodigy is a game where you´re a wizard you have moves and you can level up to get new moves. In Prodigy you get pets. On April 27,2016 a survey on new Prodigy pets turned up. In Prodigy, there are different clothes you can wear. The strongest clothes so far are the trailmasters gear they give you 2.5 hearts.You can also buy clothes from merchants.You also get wand witch are like clothing except it makes you do more damage. You start out with minimum amount of hearts. The more level you are and the stronger your clothes are the more hearts you get. Your pets also have hearts, too. The way to get pets is to catch them. First you have to weaken it. Second you have to click the catch button then a line spins on a circle and you click catch on the green area of the circle,It cost 500 coins for a try. You can also buy them from Merchants for  coins.There is merchants that give/trade you other stuff like one trades coins for junk and look. You can  a member by buying it(with real money). When you become a member, you can get more pets, wear more clothing, get to spin the wheel 2 times and much more. There are different worlds that you can choose from so you can play with your friends. There’s also islands that you can choose from. In lamplight town, the middle island, there is a spin wheel. If you’re not a member, you only get to spin it once. You can get prices like clothes, wands, items and more. Some merchants live there as well.There also is a merchant looking who turns you into a monster. There are battles you do in the Coliseum. When you finish them, you get prices. You can battle your friends to get trophies and rewards, too. In lamplight town there is another merchant looking fellow who is called bordy he does bounty points.You kill certian wild pets and catch or defeat them. In every island besides lamplight town is a boss you have defeat to get the crystals.The dark tower is a place where you go to battle different monsters. You can only go in there if you’re a member. Every 5 floors you fight a mini boss and it will save your progress.In Prodigy there is also 2 mini games to play dino dig and robot dancing you can get rewards from both of them. Thank you for reading about Prodigy.  

by Aidan & Sean